InfoComm Technology

Department Vision

Learning takes place anytime, anywhere in an ICT-enriched environment

Department Mission

Enabling pupils to be self-directed and collaborative learners through the effective and responsible use of technology


Department Programmes 

Baseline ICT Training

All pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6 in Fernvale Primary School go through ICT Baseline Training. During the 6 years, the following skills are covered:

  • Processing of word documents
  • Using spreadsheet to compute simple data
  • Creating presentation material
  • Searching for information in the world wide web
  • Stitching photographs together into short movie clips
  • Recording, creating and embedding sound/music


E-Learning Portal

All pupils will have an e-learning portal access, MC Online. Pupils can read up in advance or do revision on lessons that they are interested in via the portal. They can also complete the interactive activities in the portal as part of their revision. School and teachers also use the portal to assign lessons, tests and surveys.

The school encourages parents to submit their child(ren)’s travel declaration for the school holidays via the portal. It is part of the school’s effort in taking care of the Earth by reducing the amount of papers to be printed.

Details on login to the portal will be given to the pupils via the form teachers.


NeuPC Plus Scheme

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has an on-going initiative, the NEU PC Plus Programme, that helps students from low income families to purchase PCs and/or obtain broadband access at an affordable price.

The programme provides the following schemes:

  1. The PC-Bundle scheme provides a two-tier subsidy for applicants to own a new computer with free software and three years of free subscription to broadband services.
  2. The iNSPIRE Fund scheme offers financial assistance to full-time students (aged 25 years and below) who are unable to co-pay for the computer applied under the PC-Bundle scheme.
  3. The Broadband-Only scheme offers broadband access, at a subsidised rate, to households that already own computers but are unable to afford broadband subscriptions.
  4. The Grant Scheme for Schools allow interested schools to process, procure and deploy Infocomm devices, software or broadband services on behalf of their students from low-income families, so as to meet the schools' and students' learning objectives and needs.

Further information about the individual scheme and the eligibility criteria can be found in the IDA Website. Alternatively, parents may also contact the school’s general office for more details and to obtain the application forms.


Department Members:



Mrs Mabel Soh-Ong Hui Mei (SH ICT)
Mdm Salina Bte Mohd Shah (ICT Mentor)
Mr Chua Lee Guan (ICT Mentor)
Mr Lau Peng Sheng (ICT Mentor)
Miss Soh Chin Yi Germaine
Mr Clement Song
Mdm Khalidah Goh Shafie Goh
Mdm Nurhayati Ra'ai
Ms Chua Chai Suang 
Miss Tay Bee Li
Mdm Noor A’shikin

Mrs Grace Kee-Tan Siok Kheng
Mdm Geraldine Chua Shan Shan
Mrs Khai-Siti Norhana Aris
Miss Oh Haw Ling
Ms Liu Hsiang Chun 
Mr Rakesh Kishin Aswani
Miss Elieen Wong Yi Ling
Miss Noor Azima Bte Amir
Mr Rico Victor B Borromeo
Mr Subramaniam Venkatesh Naidu